Hello Community Champions!

Hello Community Champions and welcome to your Sub-IT blog. This is a new way that you can share good news stories, best practice, case studies, tips, advice, links, local opportunities and a host of other resources…

  • What would you like to see on this blog?
  • Have you got a story to tell to other Community Champions?
  • What website links would you like to see down the right hand side?
  • Have you got any ideas that you want to share and develop?
  • Is there a subject area that you want to know more about?

This is your blog to help you as a Community Champion. Post your comments below or contact Debs Drew for more info… 0161 624 1444 or email debs.drew@groundwork.org.uk

  1. Please do comment and discuss your own experiences throughout this blog.

    Looking good so far…

  2. nicstef said:

    It’s complicated to me as my computer skills aren’t up to scratch but I’m willing to learn as I think it’s a brilliant form of communicating with the ..Champions

  3. nicstef said:

    Just had a thought,…..does anyone want to meet up and give me some help with my computer skills? Love Karan.x

    • multymouth said:

      i will txt me to sort out oh its rick

      • multymouth said:

        still waiting on reply kas

  4. fredsmum said:

    I don’t mind having another go Karan. It might be a good idea to have your glasses next time.
    Simon would be best to help you though as he does alot of teaching computers. See you soon love Helen x x

  5. DebsD said:

    Hi everyone, just to let you know we have laptops at the office that you can use if you want to play around with the blog or other things. You will just need to text us on textlocal and we can see if they are free and book it for you – along with the Mi Fi.

    Thanks Debs

  6. simonsubit said:

    Hi all,
    I’m just getting ready for the trip to Trento, If I can get my phone sorted in time I’ll try to leave regular updates from my time in Italy and I’ll keep Europe up to date about what we’re doing….. Just so your aware Trento is in Northern Italy and the weather is about the same as in Rochdale.

    Keep up the good work


    • multymouth said:

      hi mate hope your having a great time good to hear from you stay safe enjoy mate

    • DebsD said:

      Looking forward to hearing all about your trip! Hope to see you at the next Sub-IT! group meeting – I’ll be sending out a proposed date soon.

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