SubIT meeting

Hi subits, champions and all,

We welcomed Gaynor from Rochdale libraries at today’s meeting. Gaynor is the ITC volunteer support worker for the libraries. Today she brought along some gadets in the form of ipads, kindles, laptops which we were able to connect to via the new 3 MIFI networking mobile device.

The ICT equipment was funded by UK online centre’s and there is a current bid in progress with NIACE to provide more kindles and a variety of other resources for public use.

Gaynor and I along with some more of the community champions are looking to set up some groups to encourage parents, grandparents and carers to log on and become more aware of ICT devices. The kindle will be a good starting point to get more people reading and help with any literacy needs.

We hope to have a big response when we get this up and running and look forward to working more with Gaynor in the future.

Thanks for reading!


  1. andrewwastling said:

    Great write up Sara very informative .When’s the next subIT meeting taking place for those of us who couldn’t make it today ? Thanks also for the minutes from the last meetingd Debs

  2. kadenonla said:

    Hi all champion come and see what u can gain at the subit group

  3. andrewwastling said:

    Though I really detest adverts I’d recommend Community Champions without hesitation to anyone who asked and would urge them to get in touch if they were looking to try and make a positive difference in their local community. The training is empowering & informative, the ethos positive & motivated, as well as that you’ll without doubt meet a wide range of interesting people who care enough about our town to try and change it for the better by doing something rather than just talking about doing something – and that the difference that really means you and your time really will count in the end.

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