Txtlocal going LIVE!

Hi All

As you know you have all been trialling the Txtlocal free text service and we are now at the stage where we are going to introduce it to the wider Community Champions across the borough!  Everyone has been sent a letter introducing this new service and one of the ‘How to’ guides which explains how to use the service.  We’ll be sending a text to everyone very soon as a test and we’ll ask people to reply.

Caroline Schofield and Dave Broome are now on Txtlocal so please feel free to send a Txtlocal text (it would be good practice for them replying). 

Thank you for all your support and keep those Txtlocal texts coming!  I’ll be getting in touch very soon with the details of our next Sub-IT! group meeting and I’ll update you all on how things are going.  I’d appreciate any feedback, comments on Txtlocal. Debs




  1. andrewwastling said:

    That’s great news ! Thanks for the ‘How to’ guides Debs – Txtlocal is great once people get the knack its straightforward enough to use and it’s FREE as well .I had a mental block with it for a while for a few days but think it’s great now, its a bit like getting the hang of using a new mobile once it clicks it clicks !

  2. DebsD said:

    Thanks Andrew, it’s like anything new isn’t it – but once we figure it out we’re away! I’m hoping other Community Champions get the hang of it soon too.

  3. simonsubit said:


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