Feedback from Foodbank

A member of Rochdale Community Champions attended the launch of the new Public Rochdale Foodbank at St Mary in the Baum last week along with over 50 representatives of churches, organisations, councillors ,Rochdales MP as well as individuals from across the whole Rochdale community.

Speakers from the Trussell Trust, who have supplied the franchise to run Rochdale Foodbank, gave a short presentation and screened a video presentation outlining how food banks operate, said that around the UK there are now over 240 food banks – mostly opened in the last 2 years. “But I’ve never seen one take off as fast as this one in Rochdale – which will be number 243”, she said.

More information about Food Banks can be found at Trussell Trusts web site at:

As well as an informative  & a positive ideas guide on staring up a food bank at:

If you would like to help, or donate food or money, please contact Foodbank Coordinator, Margaret Wight, on 01706 522443 or email her at

Or why not contact the Community Champions Team for more information on how you can find out more ?

Original Rochdale Online article can be found at:

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  1. DebsD said:

    Thanks Andrew, this is really informative and I have passed this on to the ESF Family Project. Debs

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