Community Champions attend Team Leader Course


Pictured: Helen, Sean , Naseem , Karan, Ricky, Claudine and Andrew

[The photograph below shows the Rochdale Group at the end of the penultimate planning session at Baillie Street]

Not pictured:  Nuzhat & Rashida

Pictures courtesy of:  Tom Carr  [RCT Training]


Community Champions attend  Team Leader Course

Two groups of Community Champions have become the first two groups to undertake and successfully complete the new accredited Team Leadership Course , delivered by Rochdale Connections Trust at the Phoenix Centre in Heywood and Baillie Street in Rochdale.

Both groups learnt Team Leadership skills at workshops held every Tuesday over eight weeks from April to may as well as submitting an assignment based on the course content for final assessment in Institute of Leadership & Management , Level 2 award in Team Leading

The final session was to utilise the Team Leadership skills we’d just learnt to plan, organise and hold a stall promoting the work & values of all Community Champions across the Borough which for the Rochdale Group was held at the Middleton Arena on 18th June at the Carers’ Day Event .Where we had a number of people & local organisations, including the Mayor of Rochdale & his wife speak to us about the voluntary work we’re all involved in across the Borough.

We all had great fun completing the course as well as learning valuable new skills which we can use and pass on in our various roles & venues as Community Champions – as well as all of us becoming adept in the skills of “storming”, “norming” and “forming” , bridge building and of course the fine art of circus plate spinning !


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