Free Books …and a Healthy Planet ?

Charity Healthy Planet have just launched a The “Books for Free” initiative at The Exchange here in Rochdale. Rochdale rescues unwanted books otherwise destined for landfill or pulping.

Healthy Planet redistributes these books – for free – throughout communities via their Books for Free centres nationwide.

By visiting the centres and taking a book, you are reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill each year and helping to recycle valuable resources. There is no catch and the only restriction is that a maximum of 3 books are taken at any one time.

Volunteer run Healthy Planet store aims to stop books being pulped or sent to landfill sites by giving away unwanted titles free of charge. Anyone can call in and browse and then take away up to three books on any one visit. There is a wide range of books available including children’s books, cookery, and gardening, fiction, autobiographical and educational.

Healthy Planet has a number of shops across the country and has helped to save more than 815 tonnes of books since its launch a few years ago. The new Rochdale stall opened in July.

Current opening hours for the Rochdale branch are currently :

Wednesday and Friday from 11.30 am – 3.30 pm


Saturday from 10.30 am until 2.30 pm

For more details please see the Healthy Planet website at:


1 comment
  1. fredsmum said:

    I’ve already got books from them, lots on offer, even childrens books. Can take any unwanted books to them for redistribution.

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