New Home 4 Old Mobiles

Nicola & Debs have hit upon a great idea to help make sure all Community Champions have a chance to use Text-Local & to keep informed of all the ongoing Rochdale Community Champions Work , events & activities, by making use of those old mobiles many of us have hidden away gathering cyber dust in our homes.

If you, friends, family or neighbours have an old mobile  phone you no longer need, or use, please consider dropping it off with Nicola or Deb on the 4th Floor where they will see to it that it is put to good use by Community Champions  – so please spread the word

Debs has already e|mailed all at Groundwork Oldham & Rochdale staff asking if they have any old mobiles and chargers they no longer want in order  to donate to the Community Champions Team for distribution to Community Champions who do not have mobiles and want to get involved & to access the Text-Local.

We also hope to be able to encourage people to drop any unwanted mobiles of at our Community Champions Macmillan Coffee day at the Black Box on Friday 28th September between 9.30 am and 1 pm, [ more details of this  Macmillan coffee morning to follow early next week ]



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