For personal reassurance

Hey champs just a little something to help ease of mind

Here is a link to a webpage that will tell you how secure your password is

All you have to do is type a password or your password into the box and it will tell you how long it will take to hack.

PLEASE do not worry about you password being compromised it is just a webpage just to help you see how secure you are on the internet.

If your password takes less than a month id suggested changing it to a harder one to hack but easy to remember.

Here is a password I tried and it said it would take 19 billion years

But please try your own different passwords combining different letters and numbers even capitals or other characters (this include @,*&^%$£”!) just try different combinations.

Also just incase your worried that the website will show your password what ever you type in the box provided it will now come up with the sentence you wrote it will blank it out E.G
This will appear as
This is to make sure that anyone looking over your shoulder cant see what your typing.


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