Community Champions captured on video at Shamwari Project

Rochdale’s New Shamwari Project held two half day awareness raising sessions on 18th June & 2nd July 2012 at Wheatsheaf Library, Rochdale. Attendees consisted of staff from the local police, housing associations, community groups, several Community Champions ,children’s centres, local council, museums, library, schools, college and local training providers. The video of some of the training and the Community Champions who attended, taking part in the workshop, can be seen at Shamwari’s web page at:

Proving that as champions we are definitely out there in our communities a few of the Community Champions appear on Shamwari’s new flyer advertising:

Free ESOL classes accredited at Entry level 1,2,& 3 designed to improves speaking,listening,reading and writing as well as knowledge of living and working here in the UK

 The only criteria is that Learners should be :

 Aged 18 plus ,an Asylum seeker or refugee or an EU National.

Classes are held at :

 The Meeting Room, Wheatsheaf Library, Rochdale, OL16 1JZ

 More details from:

 New Shamwari Project

Unique Enterprise Centre,

Belfield Road,


OL16 2UP

t  | 01706 515 722



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