Hi All


Once you are registered on the blog and invited by the administrator to be either an authour or a contributor you are all set


You will recieve an email in your email account with the invitation  – click accept invitation

Go to the internetand put the following address in :



The wordpress.com page will come up and on the left hand side you will see two boxes, one is user name and one is password


Enter your username and your password

Click ‘Log in’

Your wordpress.com page will come up

On right hnd side you will see ‘New Post’ – click

Add post in box

Once you are happy with what you have written – click ‘Publish Post’

To sign out – click on user name on right hand side , go down to ‘sign out ‘ – click

If you are an editor or an authour your post will go straight onto the blog

If you are a contributor it will show up on your page but the blog adminiatrator will need to viiew and approve / unapprove/ edit then publish your post




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