Welfare reform

On Friday myself and other champions attended a meeting in which information regarding the new Universal Credit (Welfare reform) and its implications, although those present had various thoughts and indeed legitimate  concerns, it was impossible to confirm what will take place under the new welfare reform system until it is rolled out across the country in March 2013 and October 2013.

The present pilot schemes which are operating is Salford, Tameside, Wigan, and Warrington
and to date reports are the system is not fit for purpose!

Equally more important the front line troops of all housing departments in social housing council housing etc will be overwhelmed with claimants wanting to know what changes will affect them.

Although I have been on welfare reform workshops the only thing I know for definite is the bedroom tax will be implemented! However as I write solicitors and alike are already working on ideas to eliminate the tax. On leaving the meeting I got to thinking the only thing thats left to tax is the Window tax! Up to 1758 approx. the window tax was based on the number of windows a property had! However, the rich and mighty decided to get round it by bricking up windows to avoid the tax duty. 1880 abolished

Nevertheless, the tax was unpopular, because it was seen by some as a tax on “light and air”
Hence the phrase “Daylight Robbery” When visiting places of historic interest and you see old buildings  with windows bricked up, it was to avoid paying the window tax, Scotland has more buildings with windows boarded up than any other County in England and Wales.

In my next Posting I will highlight more information from an article in the Independent on Sunday
which is very interesting. In the meantime dont forget this is your Blog, as they say
“USE IT or LOSE IT” regards Keith

Boarded up windows

Example of House avoiding window Tax


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