Mental Health

I just got this ’round robin email from the centre for mental health. I was pretty appalled. I’d be interested what other people think. Training and Development Course Can’t work; won’t work! Supporting people with mental health conditions into employment Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th January 2013, London, £220+ VAT The volume of people with mental health conditions failing their Work Capability Assessment has resulted in many people with mental health conditions being forced to search for employment or lose their benefits. The result is that Employment Specialists are seeing increasingly more clients who really don’t feel ready or motivated to find employment. Many people with mental health conditions fear returning to employment and need additional support to overcome psychological barriers. For example depression, one of the more common mental health conditions, is renowned for making you feel sad, hopeless and unmotivated to do the things that you once enjoyed. It makes you irritable and intolerant of others, unable to make decisions and anxious. Your sleep becomes un-restful, you feel exhausted and unable to concentrate. You feel worthless and your confidence in your own ability plummets. You avoid friends, work colleagues, and family. When you suffer from a mental illness you suddenly realise that the one person you can normally rely upon, yourself, is no longer reliable. Your self esteem nose-dives and you distrust your own abilities. It takes a very special person to help someone with a mental health condition change fear of work into belief that employment may be a fundamental part of their recovery! This workshop is ideal for employment specialists and clinicians who want to help clients who are resistant to returning to work believe that employment is a feasible option for them. The training will cover: The two day course teaches delegates the skills of Motivational Interviewing, a non-confrontational way of motivating and working with ambivalent or resistant people to help them to make positive changes in their lives. You will learn the core principles of Motivational Interviewing and explore the process of behaviour change and the concepts of motivation and ambivalence. You will develop practical skills in the application of Motivational Interviewing techniques for supporting people resistant to work into employment. During the course you will gain practical experience of: 1) Using Motivational Interviewing approaches, including: · expressing empathy · avoiding arguments · rolling with resistance 2) Using core Motivational Interviewing skills including: · use of open questions · using reflective listening skills including use of basic reflections (content, meaning and feeling) and reflective listening strategically within a motivational interviewing context – use of summaries · appropriate use of affirmation 3) Eliciting Self Motivating Statements with appropriate use of techniques such as: · decisional balance · elaboration · using extremes · looking back · looking forward · importance and confidence Ruler · reframing 4) Implementing strategies for working with resistance. By the end of the course you will have developed the skills and techniques you need to help clients from being resistant to employment to being inspired that work maybe a feasible option for their future.

Personally I find it appalling people with mental health problems forced back into seeking employment, Who will employ them.

A question I have: does motivational training cure schizophrenia?



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