Green Fingered Threads

Recycling was given whole new twist at Touchstones Rochdale this week as clothes were altered, tweaked and revamped in the name of sustainable fashion.

The free sewing masterclass, took place on Thursday 15 November, organised by Recycle for Greater Manchester, Viridor and Rochdale Borough Council as part of Watch Your Waste, a scheme to encourage people to reuse and recycleclothing which would benefit from being turned into something completely new.

Rochdales Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, said: “Recycling old clothes is not only a great way of looking after the environment, it’s also a cost effective way of getting a new winter wardrobe. This is a great opportunity and I’d encourage as many residents as possible to sign up.”

Future workshops & evenys are planned.

For those intrested in finding out more here’s the link to Mancunian Matters article on the event :


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  1. I think you will find the older generation have been recycling clothes for many a decade! I remember all to well as a child rugs, bedding etc, being made out of old clothes, but the material was not like todays polyesters and lycra. With the changes to welfare reform it seems appropriate that more and more people will be recycling clothes through the family, In the old days it was called “hand-downs” .

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