Bedroom Tax

According to the DWP, foster parents who have a ‘spare’ bedroom they use for foster children will be hit by the government’s bedroom tax – but not parents of pupils at Eton.

The bedroom tax, which is being introduced in April 2013 as part of the government’s ‘reforms’ of housing benefits, will mean that a household that has an extra room for a current or potential foster child will be treated as ‘under-occupying’

However, a household with children at a boarding school – such as Eton for example – will not have to pay any bedroom tax at all.

Why is seemingly nobody up in arms about this?

I always thought British people, regardless of our political differences, prided ourselves on our keen sense of fairness. Obviously I was wrong.

Just when exactly did we as a nation stop being outraged by such clear and open inequality and injustice?

However, To be fair (ignoring the stupid amount of extra admin which will presumably cost about the same as the savings they make..) there are at least plans in place to cover the gap for foster parents and those with adapted accommodation. Divorced parents who are trying to parent their children together get a rawer deal. A parent who has their children 3-4 days per week but is not the Child Benefit recipient only has allowance for a 1 bedroom property. I appreciate it’s a difficult issue to manage, and with one child that may even just be manageable, but in many cases it will effectively prevent overnight stays with one parent – surely that cannot be ideal.

Here’s a petition against the bedroom tax:

Stop the Housing Benefit attack (commonly known as the ‘Bedroom Tax’)

More information on bedroom tax:

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