Austerity Winter Survival Tips

Now might be a good time to think about what preparations you, your family and your community may need to make for winter weather.

Get ready for winter– HM Government advice to help individuals and communities prepare for a range of winter weathers such as cold, snow & ice, high winds & flooding.

Reduce your fuel bills – Apply for free or subsidised home insulation and other energy saving measures; sign up for reduced energy rates.

Keep Warm, Keep Well– NHS advice on how to stay healthy during winter.

Winter fuel payment for over 60s – Information on claiming a tax-free winter fuel payment to keep warm in winter if you are aged 60 or over.

Warm Home Discount scheme– For winter 2012 to 2013, you could get a £130 discount on your electricity bill through the Warm Home Discount Scheme.

Cold Weather Payment– If you’re claiming certain benefits, you may be able to get a Cold Weather Payment.

Free home fire risk assessments– From Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue.

Support your community

Look out for your neighbors – it’s important to check on elderly or vulnerable relatives or neighbors during bad weather. 

Volunteer – look after local people who need support.

Clear snow and ice from pavements yourself |

Contribute to Rochdale’s Foodbank

Join Manchester Credit Union ,

In preparation for easier budgeting with the introduction of Welfare Reforms &  the new Universal Credit in April 2013.

Make a note of Local Legal Support  for example  Rochdale Law Centre:

And Rochdale & District CAB :


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