Rochdale Foodbank Collecting at TESCO THISsaturday 16th March 2013

 Volunteers from Rochdale Foodbank will be in the foyer of TESCO they will be handing out ‘Shopping Lists’ for non-perishable items of food which are in short supply at the Foodbank Centre on South Parade in Rochdale.

The Foodbank is short of milk, sugar, fruit juice, coffee, pasta sauces, packets of mashed potato, lentils, tins of fruit, desserts, custard, rice pudding, biscuits, jam and ketchups.

They have plentiful stock of soup, beans, vegetables, pasta and tea.

Since the foodbank opened in November, donations of food from townsfolk now stands at 19.75 tonnes. Food so far distributed to people from across the borough weighs over 14 tonnes.

970 vouchers from various referring agencies have been presented which has enabled the scheme to feed 1750 people, including 520 children.

Financial donations can be made through the website or by contacting Iain or Margaret Wight on 07956 337674.

See also Rochdale Online’s  article at :

16 March 2013
Saturday 9.00am – 5.00pm



Iain or Margaret Wight
07956 337674
Click Here


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