Free Universal Credit training from Gingerbread


Gingerbread is offering free courses to voluntary and community sector staff on Universal Credit – the ‘new’ means-tested benefit to be introduced from October 2013. The training involves two briefing sessions to be delivered in one day.

Among the aspects to be covered are:

● the benefits and tax credits which Universal Credit will replace and those which will remain;
● who will be able to claim Universal Credit;
● how amounts will be worked out, including the cap on total household benefits;
● help for childcare and housing costs;
● how the availability for work conditions affect single parents;
● timescales and how to prepare for implementation.

Commissioning organisations must have single parents among their clients and agree to fill both the morning and afternoon sessions with a minimum of 16 people in each session with their own staff or voluntary partner staff.

Similar free sessions on ‘single parents and tax credit’ are also available.
Organisations interested in commissioning the training should visit Gingerbread’s website and complete the enquiry form


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