“If I had to, I would.” – Iain Duncan Smith , Radio 4, Today Programme

This petition calls for Iain Duncan Smith, the current Work and Pensions Secretary, to prove his claim of being able to live on £7.57 a day, or £53 a week.

On Monday’s Today Programme David Bennett, a market trader, said that after his housing benefit had been cut, he lives on £53 per week. The next interviewee was Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, who was defending the changes. The interviewer then asked him if he could live on this amount. He replied: “If I had to, I would.”

This petition calls on Iain Duncan Smith to live on this budget for at least one year. This would help realise the conservative party`s current mantra that “We are all in this together”.

This would mean a 97% reduction in his current income, which is £1,581.02 a week or £225 a day after tax* [Source: The Telegraph]

Please feel free to add your name to the petition if you think someone who lives in a £2 MILLION House should be advocating vulnerable people pay for the privellage of having an “spare”  bedroom in a council house in the UK where Social Need housing is the officially smallest per cubic feet in the whole of the European Union.



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  1. This evil man claimed benefit twice, once when he moved into his wife’s multi-million pound mansion, This guy has no qualifications, and was fortunate enough to marry into a wealthy family. Gods knows? you cannot reason what his wife saw in him? Today I came across a lady who is trying here hardest to find work, she had been sanctioned for 4 weeks for failing to attend an interview she could not afford to get there. The money she got was for her children, otherwise she would have had nothing to eat. This government must realize when you sanction a parent, you are in fact attacking the children. I cant believe that society would allow this happen.

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