‘Bedroom Tax” e|mail action from Crisis homeless Charity

Crisis Campaigns
  Now it’s the Occupied Bedroom Tax

There has been an outcry over the unfair “bedroom tax”, that reduces housing benefit for people in social housing with an unoccupied bedroom, even if they need the room or there is no smaller property for them to move to.

But ministers are planning a closely-related cut that will punish parents for supporting their grown up children as they look for work. It’s a cut which has so far gone almost unnoticed.

Take action now

This “occupied bedroom tax” will mean parents losing a massive £800 per year in housing benefit if they are putting up their son or daughter as they look for work.

And if the young people move out? They are likely to face a harsh choice between homelessness and claiming housing benefit themselves—at far greater cost to the taxpayer.

Write to your MP




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