Microsoft Windows 7 security fix is shutting down PCs

Hi All

Not the normal posting but a warning to all users of Windows 7 as I learned to my cost.

Normally Installing the latest security fixes from Microsoft as soon as they are released is usually recommended. Once the patches are in place, you are protected from the latest security threats to hit Windows.

However, it seems that a fix Microsoft released in the last round of patches might be more trouble than it’s worth.

After a raft of complaints, including mine. Microsoft have withdrawn the download links for fix MS13-036 while they investigate the problems that it is causing.

Unfortunately many Windows users who installed the fix have reported that their PC no longer boots once it is in place.

When you install this update you may find that your system will fail with STOP Error 0xc000021a, and you are not able to access the desktop.

According to the company’s spokesman:

“Microsoft is investigating behavior wherein systems may fail to recover from a reboot or applications fails to load after security update 2823324 is applied. Microsoft recommends that customers uninstall this update. As an added precaution, Microsoft has removed the download links to the 2823324 update while we investigate.”

The problem doesn’t affect all systems that the patch is installed on, it appears to be limited to Windows 7 systems with certain applications, such as Kaspersky Anti-Virus, installed.

It sounds like the cure is worse than the disease in this case.

If you haven’t already installed this patch, I’d recommend that you avoid doing so until Microsoft have resolved the problems.

Microsoft have released a couple of pieces of advice on how to deal with the problem.

First of all, if you’ve installed the patch but haven’t yet re-booted your PC, you can quickly remove the update before it causes any problems. To do so:

Click Start > All Programs > Accessories, right-click on Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator.

At the command prompt, type Psexec -d -s \remotemachine wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:2823324 /quiet /norestart and press [Enter].

The update will be removed.

If you’ve installed the update already and find that your computer will no longer boot, you’ll need to use the Windows Recovery Environment to launch System Restore and undo the changes made.

  1. Restart your PC and press the [F8] key as it re-boots to access the Advanced Options menu, then select Repair your Computer. If this option isn’t shown, you’ll need to re-boot your PC using your Windows installation DVD and then select System Recovery Options.
  2. Select the language to use, and then log on to the computer.
  3. Select System Restore.
  4. Restore your system to the last restore point listed. This will undo the changes made by the update.

After a re-boot you should find that your PC works again.

If Windows Update offers to install fixes for you after this, make sure that update 2823324 is not amongst those offered, or the problem will reoccur.

Hopefully Microsoft will track down the cause of the problem and issue an updated version that works perfectly.
On a another note support for widows XP will cease around August and Microsoft are getting some stick. It appears Windows 8 is a complete failure in terms of people upgrading so they have extended support for windows 7 until 2016 hopefully by then a new windows application will be available without the errors and mistakes learnt from Windows 8, Remmeber if purchasing a new PC ask for windows 7 installation and not windows 8

Have a great weekend!  Keith


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