Choir Voices Required I Try With A Little Help From My Friends!

I all, since sounding out one or two people regarding a Community Champions Choir, I think the time as come to ACT!

Aside from singing in the shower, not many of us get the chance to sing in a group etc, choral groups offer abundant performance opportunities for the amateur vocalist. Its great fun, Relaxing and more importantly creates friendships with others who like singing.

It’s not about competitiveness its about making yourself and others listen to your wonderful melodiousness tones and making the audience smile.

Before you say you cant sing, you can! If you sing in the bath, good. With the right choirmaster in place we can be as good as the Army Wives!!. Although I can’t promise Gareth Malone I will try to find the next best thing, but before doing so we need a choir,

As soon as we get enough people interested. a meeting will be arranged for taking the choir forward.

A bunch of ordinary people entertaining brilliant 

You will get a lot out of the out of the experience:

Asinging_choirPLEASE PLEASE SIGN UP CHRISTMAS NOT FAR AWAY! Those interested could contact myself, or




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