Fancy fundraising for the Workers Beer Company this summer ?

The Workers Beer Company is looking for trade union branch, campaigning or community groups to work with them in fund raising .Organisation may apply to fundraise with us here.

Groups then recruit volunteers who are members/supporters of their organisation to fundraise by working  behind WBC bars pouring  and serving drinks thousands thirsty customers; WBC will then donate £6.50 per hour to the organisation for each hour the volunteers work.  

More details can be found from WBC website at :

  1. Great Idea! however, the Community Champions are not registered as a Charity Group so who would actually benefit from the champions input? If 100 Champions volunteer to serve drinks what would the actual donation be? Who would get it? Why are we not registered as a charity to actually engage in fundraising?

  2. andrewwastling said:

    Hi Keith, yes thats true but I was thinking perhaps it could be done through our union branch?Thanks for replying, trying to get this site going again so welcome all your comments ~ nearly forgot how to use this wordpress site, hope you ok an’ alls well etc,Cheers Andy 🙂

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