Summer Festival Volunteers for Ladybird Project

The Ladybird Project social enterprise will provided the kids area at the Beat-Herder Festival near Burnley with fun filled workshops and performances.


The Ladybird Project was formed in 2008 as a reaction to the challenges faced by talented arts graduates, artists and performers looking for work in their chosen field. With backgrounds ranging from performance to sports and activism, recognising the importance of the arts – in all of its guises – in fostering community and sense of identity in people young and old.


Recognising a need for a service that facilitated positive relationships between artists and the local community, the Ladybird Project was formed to bring together artists in the Leeds area, encourage their professional development and showcase their work on a national level. By the beginning of 2009, the Ladybird Project had around thirty members and had begun to attract the attention of festivals and events on a national scale. That summer, where they embarked on a successful tour of the UK and since then they have been going from strength to strength.


Details of the Ladybird project can be found at their website at :


Although based in Leeds people do not have to be in West Yorkshire to volunteer as support volunteers at Festivals across the UK. A volunteer application form for the following festivals




Beat-Herder Festival (5 – 7th)

Dewsbury Arts & Music Festival (6th)

Larmer Tree Festival (17 – 21st)

Kendal Calling Festival (26 – 28th)


Beacons Festival (16 – 18th)

Solfest (23 – 25th)

A volunteer application form can be downloaded at :



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