Welfare reform


All Community Champions please pass on the following or anyone you know is being affected by the welfare reform act.,..

There is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel!

PLEASE EMAIL YOU STORY TO RAQUEL ROLNIK FROM THE UNITED NATIONS ABOUT WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU WITH ATOS/DWP*** ~~~SHE WANTS TO KNOW!~~~ Email address: srhousing@ohchr.org  There was a UN conferance in London 11/09.2013  Raquel is a UN official and is P A S S I O N A T E about human rights and at one point held her finger not wagging but whacking both fingers in the air at the journlist ‘s stating VERY LOUDLY: ”If ONE life is lost because of these Reforms it is TOO MANY” – she was just about shouting with passion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qk8-m2KgiSE&feature=share She was informed about the Atos 10,600 deaths directly to the UN official, Raquel Rolnik was asked if she would be looking into Atos as part of the bigger picture of Bedroom Tax & Welfare Reforms -she was handed an AM card in front of approx. 20 journo’s. and was told these deaths were from the Govt’s own statistics report for 2010/2011 of sick and disabled people who had either died or committed suicide within SIX weeks of being found ‘Fit For Work’ and that these figures were released in July 2012.The speaker went on to voice concern as to why the 2011/2012 figures have not been released by July this year by our Govt… She said she is open and receptive to as much evidence as possible as she continues her mission on Welfare Reforms in the UK over the next 3 months and YOUR stories WILL be presented to the UN COUNCIL in March 2014. Her conclusion on the Bedroom Tax is for it to be suspended with immediate effect so that it can be investigated fully, as the scheme was never piloted and is already an assault on human rights.


UN aide defiant over bedroom tax

A United Nations official has refused to back down over criticism of the so-called “bedroom tax” after calls from Tory chairman Grant Shapps for her to apologise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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