You can’t conscript volunteers MR. CAMERON …

Excellent piece by Keith. Memebrs of Unite the Community Union are currently participating in the following e|mail online action to Keep Volunteering Voluntary. You do not have to be a union member to participate and all are welcome to do so, please share and circulate wideley.Rochdale Council has an excellent recors of facilitating and empowering volunteers in the community so it is hoped that Rochdale Council will soon be there with the other organisations as this list grows by the hour.

The text for the online e|campaign action from Unite and the relevant action links can be seen below :


As a member of Unite the Community Union
[ ] ,I have just sent an
email to Rochdale council calling on them to boycott workfare. It only
took a minute or two using a model letter on the UNITE e|campaigns
website – please could other concerned union members and Rochdale
Observer  readers take the time to do the same.

All you have to do is visit and put in
your postcode – easy as that.

The full text of the pledge reads :

” This council believes that work should pay and therefore opposes the
introduction of schemes which force job seekers into unpaid work or
face losing their benefits – schemes known popularly as workfare.

This council is concerned that there is no evidence worfkare assists
job seekers in finding work and in fact working a 30-hour week makes
that more difficult; that workfare is replacing paid work; and that
workfare stigmatises benefits claimants and locks them further into

This council pledges not to use any workfare placements and will also
encourage contractors not to use the schemes.”

This should be a pledge that a Labour majority Council will willingly
sign up to support.A full list or individuals and organsiations who
have already signed can be seen at :



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