Food Banks – Lets Talk About Them on 27 May 2014

wealogo_1This event forms part  of a wider project  to explore the  question of whether  or not the rise of the food bank is the business of adult and community educators and the third sector in general, see here  for more background.  

This event will take the form of a conversation cafe with facilitators leading discussions on a variety  of food bank related topics and participants free to dip in and out of topics as they interest  them    Topics are likely to  include some of the following food banks and big society, the media and food banks, food banks – uniform banks – clothing banks – toy  banks –  who said there’s a banking crisis?   food banks and austerity, politics and food banks…, food banks and campaigning

Zion Community Resource
339 Stretford Rd
M15 4ZY
United Kingdom
Tuesday, 27 May 2014 from 16:30 to 19:30 (BST)

To book your free place please see :

The Workers Education Association (WEA)
The WEA are the largest volunary  sector providor of adult education in the UK

You can join the WEA for free at :


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