Women Work & the Voluntary Sector LUNCHTIME WORKSHOP 26th June 12-2pm @ MMU Manchester

Women Work & the Voluntary Sector LUNCHTIME WORKSHOP 26th June 12-2pm @ MMU Manchester

PLEASE SHARE AMONGST YOUR NETWORKS “Women, Work and The Voluntary Sector” Networking & Research Event #MMUBearingWitness 12-2pm 26th June @ MMU Business School Book via Eventbrite


This is a networking working lunch, part of a series of Particpatory Action Research Workshops that make up a PhD thesis on the effects of austerity on VCS organisations. As women make up a significant majority of the Adult Social Care and Voluntary Sector workforce, it was felt that a participatory research event focussed specifically on women would be relevent.

The event welcomes a feminist guest speaker, Dr Gemma Yarwood to open discussions on the role of women and work. Dr Gemma Yarwood’s principal research interests centre around gender, work and family.The event will be a working lunch, asking women who work in the Adult Social Care Voluntary Sector about their experiences of work and examining what questions need to be asked in terms of improving women’s experience of work in the sector.Findings from the research event will be shared through the Manchester Community Central Blog with a view to improving VCS Strategic responses to austerity.

The working lunch is aimed at women who work within the adult social care voluntary sector. The aim of the event is to network and to develop a feminist research agenda which can be used to re-focus VCS organisational strategy in order that the sector can better respond to Austerity.EVENT PROGRAMME12pm Arrivals and Working Lunch Shared12.30pm Guest Speaker: “The role of Women’s Work, Informal Care and the Voluntary Sector”1pm-1.45pm Setting the Research Agenda – sharing experiences, examing how we can improve women’s experience of work within the sector.1.45pm Event Summary & Close


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