“Our Growth Project ” – By Kevin A. Shepherd , Rochdale Poet

Our Growth Project

The trees that enclose our gardens
Are like a protective wall,
They grow next to each other
And stand so very tall.

Our friend David said we are
Like a family in here
There are people who are here
Who you want to be near

I look forward to a cup of tea
While I do my chores.
It tastes much nicer and has a better flavour
Than when you are indoors.

We spend our time relaxing
In the brightness of the sun.
It’s better now it’s summer
‘Cos we have much more fun.

We have a pond where Debbie goes
To play with all the frogs.
She loves to play with nature
And she’s fond of cats and dogs.

When the wind blows strongly
Against our special tent
It makes me go all flappy, but we’re all friends
With one another and we make each other happy.

By KEVIN A. SHEPHERD on 2nd June 2014

written by Kevin at the weekly Community Champions Sub-IT session at Recovery Republic. Contact Debs for details of ongoing Sub – IT sessions dates, times and locations. Thank You.


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