Save the Independent Living Fund


Save the Independent Living Fund

Further to Keith’s original post on ILF here’s my contribution in support to his lobbying of local councilliors :

Date published:
26 May 2014 Rochdale Online /
Rochdale Observer 4 June 2014
[ see link at : for original ]

Dear Editor, 
I just emailed my MP to take action and save the Independent Living Fund (ILF).

The ILF helps over 18,000 severely disabled people to live independent lives in the community rather than in residential care.

The Court of Appeal found that last time the government tried to do this, it had breached their equality duties.

Sadly, instead of honouring the court’s decision and listening to the concerns of disability groups, unions and individual campaigners, the Government has announced the ILF will be closed by June 2015. The funding will be devolved to Local Authorities for 12 months with no ring-fencing. After June 2106 there will be no additional funding for already cash-strapped local authorities to meet their legal obligations.

Please, could I take this opportunity to ask concerned Rochdale Online readers to email our MP now to help save the ILF.
Thank you.

The link for the Public & Commercial Service Union can be found at :


Andrew Wastling

Please feel free to adapt and use for your own Councillors and/or MP


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