Karen Danczuk, Labour MP’s Wife, Posts Revealing Selfies On Twitter

You would think with all the negativity facing Rochdale, our councillors would really think twice be alert to strategies that may bring further criticism on Rochdale, we have had the grooming scandal, Teenage brothels, children’s home scandals, plus many more widespread alleged stories. And now we can sit back and look at pictures of one of our Councillors whose brains are below her neckline. I’ve often heard it said, “if you have it, flaunt it”. However, I don’t subscribe to such a maxim. Anyway, there’s a false bravado or a sense of satisfaction/gratification in women who dare to bare their front in the way they dress when the menfolk give them the appreciative whistles or looks. It lacks respect to the people she represents in a Asian community.

 Therefore Councillor Danczuk perhaps you could put the efforts you use for posing, into similar efforts working for your constituents, or failing that, get a job glamour modelling (if you have the ability) and send our Troops your pictures to stick on their lockers with no doubt many thousands of others

 “All power given to politicians is a trust and that rulers are to be held strictly accountable for their actions—to God under natural law and to their subjects under both natural and constitutional law.



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