Below the Breadline …? Breadline Kids – Breaking the Cycle of poverty .


Breadline Kids – Breaking the Cycle of poverty .

Like millions of others I watched the Channel 4 Dispatches Documentary Breadline Kids ,” Breadline kids – Breaking the Cycle of poverty,

[availaible to view at
; ].

I believe that this problem is being ignored and that our political leaders of all parties are in wilfull deniel of of the facts being unable as politicians and individual human beings to rise to the challenge of 21 st Century food poverty knowing full well that part of
the ultimate solution lies in massive wealth redistribution both locally and globally.

I have just taken part in an online e|action to raise awarness of this vital issue for millions of our fellow UK Citizens.

The full text of my letter to Simon Danczuk MP for Rochdale reads :

More than 20 million meals were delivered to people living in poverty by the four main food bank charities last year. That’s a massive increase of 54% in just twelve months.

In fact, the number of children using food banks in 2013/14 is now greater than the total number of users in the previous year.

I believe that this is not acceptable in the seventh richest country in the world and that politicians should be doing more to address it.

Oxfam, The Trussell Trust and Church Action on Poverty’s report, Below The Breadline, which was published on 9th June alongside an investigation by Channel Four’s Dispatches programme, aims to understand why more and more people are using food banks.

It shows that there are a range of factors including low incomes, rising living costs, welfare cuts, and problems with the benefit sanctions system that stops vital welfare payments going to people who are struggling to make ends meet. While food banks provide a crucial lifeline for many, they do not represent a long term solution to food poverty.

It is crucial that the Government starts to properly monitor the numbers of people using food banks and the reasons why they are being forced to resort to depending on food aid.

As your constituent I would like to ask you to highlight the need for urgent action to address the rise in food poverty. In particular, I would be interested in what you think the government can do to reverse the increase in food poverty and the use of food banks.

I look forward to your reply

Your etc

Could I please take this oppotunity to urge other concerned Sub-IT blog readers to do the same at :

Thank you.


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