Tonight BBC Question Time should be great viewing

Normally panellist are not revealed fully until they appear on TV  

However, the buzz is that Ian Duncan Smith and Ian Hislop will be on the panel.

 Will Question Time’s panel do what Parliament can’t – and hold Iain Duncan Smith to account?  

The implication this is an opportunity here – to show the public the homicidal – if not genocidal – nature of the changes to the benefit system this man IDS mockingly describes as “welfare reforms”. Image 

Ian Hislop is certainly the kind of man who should relish a chance to take the politician we call IDS) down a peg or two – in fact Private Eye has run articles on DWP insanity fairly regularly over the past two decades at least.


Personally I would like to see him joined by Michael Meacher and Owen Jones, at the very least. A rematch between Smith and Jones would be terrific television (but it is unlikely that the coward IDS would ever agree to it).


All such a panel would need to get started is a question about “welfare reform”. Then they could start at the beginning with the involvement of the criminal convicted US insurance corporation Unum, which has been advising the British government since Peter Lilley was Secretary of State for Social Security. There appears to be a moratorium on even the mention of Unum in the British presses so, if this is the first you have heard of it, now you know why.


Unum version of an unproven strand of psychology known as biopsychosocial theory informs the current work capability assessment, used by the coalition government to evaluate whether a claimant of sickness benefits (Incapacity Benefit/Employment Support Allowance or Disability Living Allowance/Personal Independence Payment) should receive any money. The assessment leans heavily on the psycho part of the theory – seeking to find ways of telling claimants their illnesses are all in the mind and they are fit for work. This is how Unum wormed its way out of paying customers when their health insurance policies matured – and it is also how Unum received its criminal conviction in the Supreme Court of the United States.

 However we all know that won’t happen, the BBC being the mouthpiece of the Tory Party, the panel will be made aware of pre given questions and no doubt will have the answers, it’s how the other panellists respond to such answers that will be really interesting to view.


Please pass round to those who may be interested.


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