Gimme Shelter …? – There’s a Storm on the Horizon


International aid charity Oxfam is facing investigation by the Charities Commission, following a complaint from Conservative MPs that their campaign against food poverty in the UK amounts to “political advertising”.

The poster, a take on the film Perfect Storm, depicts a raging sea with the words “The perfect storm…starring zero hours contracts, high prices, benefits cuts, unemployment, childcare costs”.
A message beneath the image said:
“Lifting the lid on austerity Britain reveals a perfect storm – and it’s forcing more and more people into poverty.”
After this and the recent Channel 4 Dispatches programme Breadline Kids was screened this Monday MP Connor Burns [ yes you guessed it he’s a Tory ] reported Oxfam to the Charity Commission for having the temerity to invoke hard truths in said campaign poster.
Conveniently for the Con Dems the Charity commission regulator is run by yet another Tory William Shawcross – Isn’t Democracy just wonderful ?

Thankfully i- correspondent Jane Merrick paints a more accurat picture of the reality of 21st Century Poverty in “Another View” Tories want to muzzle Oxfam for speaking the simple truth “
Poverty and hunger are a blight on modern Britain …

Here’s my own small contribution to the local debate from Rochdale Online : Eventually if we all keep chipping away Truth will out about Welfare Reform :


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