” …£39 for a breakfast…? ” Who siad there’s no such thing as a free lunch ?

Salma Yaqoob called Tory Iain Duncan Smith a “scrounger” on Thursday’s , [ last nights], Question Time, attacking the secretary for works and pensions over austerity measures that have left “13 million Britons living below the poverty line”.
Attacking the politician for calling people on benefits “scroungers”, the leader of the Birmingham Stop the War Coalition said:
“I’m sitting next to Iain Duncan Smith who labels poor people as scroungers when you {IDS} claim £39 for a breakfast, like you can’t afford your own breakfast, and you live on your wife’s estate and have taken a million pounds of taxpayers’ money, that’s what I call scrounging.”
For people who missed last night s programme the link for the programme can be found at :


With the link to the BBC i-player site at : http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b046v5kz/question-time-12062014

A big thanks to Keith for giving us all the heads up for this programme yesterday afternoon.

Wouldn’t have wanted to miss the diminutive Salma Yaqoob giving this verminous Tory bully a taste of his own medicine for once.

Interestingly the DWP refused to put up a spokesperson AGAIN on the Radio 4 Today programme in response to a claimant with learning difficulties who’s had to wait thirteen months for his PIP’s payment to be processed under the new system.

It’s possible to argue that the DWP as a failed Government Department on the back foot in a state of chaos
at present.

  1. Great Viewing, but unforgiving of the bbc to water down the questions?

    • andrewwastling said:

      Yeas , totally agree with you Keith.

      And not a single question on Universal Credit, Benefit Sanctions or Food Banks foe IDS.

      Seems crazy to invite the prime force behind Welfare Reform onto the BBC and not ask him one question about his current job & the progress he’s making with tax payers money ?

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