Healthy Planet “Books for Free” initiative Rochdale in Rochdale Exchange Shopping Centre Gives away FREE books seven days a week !

healthy planet

Healthy Planet “Books for Free” initiative rescues unwanted books otherwise destined for landfill or pulping. Healthy Planet redistributes these books – for free – throughout communities via their 36 volunteer-run Books for Free centres on high streets nationwide. 

Books for free is part of Sustainable Community, where in three years they have helped save over 1,500 tonnes of books from landfill and pulping each year and redistribute them through their centres where they are swapped and shared. 

Without Books For Free, thousands upon thousands of books would end their lives piled up on a landfill or torn apart for pulping. Surprisingly, this number includes unsold books that have never been used. It’s an unimaginable waste on many levels. So that’s why Healthy Planet set up Books for Free, a project that is as simple and straightforward as it sounds.

Two Community Champions are utilising their Team Leader, and Solution Focused Training and putting theory into practice by continuing to volunteer at the Rochdale Healthy Planet Bookshop which is now again open seven days a week :

This is an excellent community resource for anyone needing free books. Its a great place for Literacy Champions to pick up educational material for their readers , who can themselves also get free books to read. There is an excellent Education and IT section as well as a Free Community noticeboard to help publicise community events for free.

They need a constant supply of children’s books. But books on any subject can be donated and posted through into collection books any time the shop is closed. It’s a clean , green resource for the local community and well worth a visit if your passing by.


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