Work Programme figures show more people have returned to the job centre than have got a job

Stephen Timms MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Employment, commenting on Work Programme figures, said:

“These figures show the Work Programme is failing. More people have returned to the job centre than have got a job. A Labour government will introduce a Compulsory Jobs Guarantee to ensure nobody stays on benefits for more than two years.”


Editor’s Notes:

1. Work Programme figures:
295,790 job outcome payments paid
477,480 people have returned to Jobcentre Plus after two years on the scheme This is over two-thirds of participants who have completed their allotted time on the Work Programme.

2. Labour’s Compulsory Jobs Guarantee would mean every young person out of work for more than 12 months will be given a paid starter job. This is work they will have to take up or lose benefits. The Compulsory Jobs Guarantee will also apply to adults aged 25 or over out of work for two years or more and will be funded for the whole of the next Parliament by: repeating Labour’s successful tax on bank bonuses at the start of the next Parliament; and restricting pensions tax relief for people earning over £150,000 to the same rate as basic rate taxpayers.


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