” Call on Rochdales Member of Parliament to act Urgently on Food Poverty”

end hunger fast

Dear ” Your Views Rochdale Observer ,

” Call on Rochdales Member of Parliament to act Urgently on Food Poverty”

Could I take this opportunity to ask concerned readers of Rochdale
Observer to act & speak out and email our MP too? It only takes a couple
of minutes, using the simple e-action at

Over the past year, more and more people have become aware of the
soaring number of people in the UK forced to use food banks. But
during 2013-14, the number of meals given to people in food poverty
has risen by another 54 per cent – to over 20 million. In the
world’s seventh richest country, it’s scandalous that more and more
families struggle to put food on the table and people go hungry.
Government has a responsibility to take action – and we must urge them
to do so.

Demand for food aid has risen by 54% in the last year. Urgent action
is needed to stop the relentless rise of hunger in the UK. The full
text to Church Action on Poverty’s online e|mail action reads :

” I am writing as your constituent, to ask you to support urgent
action to stop the relentless rise of hunger in the UK.

More than 23 million meals were delivered to people living in poverty
by the four main food aid charities last year. That’s a massive
increase of 54% in just 12 months. In fact, the number of CHILDREN who
received food aid in 2013-14 was greater than the total number of
users in the previous year.

I believe that this is not acceptable in the seventh richest country
in the world, and that politicians should be doing far more to address

I understand that food poverty is driven by a number of factors
including low incomes and rising living costs. Most alarmingly,
benefit cuts and unfair benefit sanctions are stopping vital benefit
payments from going to people who are struggling to make ends meet.
While food banks provide a crucial lifeline for many people in this
situation, they are not a long-term solution to food poverty.

It is crucial that the Government starts to properly monitor the
numbers of people using food banks, and the reasons why they are being
forced to depend on food aid.

Please do what you can to highlight the need for urgent action to
address the rise in food poverty. In particular, I urge you to support
the inquiry currently being held by the All-Party Parliamentary Group
on Food Poverty.

I look forward to receiving your reply. ”

The link can be found at :

Thank you

Yours faithfully

Andrew Wastling


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