‘Wonga shareholder calls police to clear disabled protesters off its lawn


Dear ” Your Views Rochdale Observer ,

Yes indeed, things have come to a dire state in this country when the
Church of England calls out the police to try and prevent disabled
people in wheelchairs exercising their democratic right to protest as
happened outside one of the nations most revered Christian place of
worship , Westminster Abbey ,on Saturday 28 June 2014.

John McDonnell MP, who was at the Abbey to support the protest, tweeted:

“Looks like Church of England has turned it’s back on the lessons of
the Sermon on the Mount as police surround disabled people at Abbey’
and ‘No contact from Dean of Westminster so it looks like at the most
iconic site of Christian worship in Britain the Church is evicting

Financial broadcaster Paul Lewis tweeted, ‘Wonga shareholder calls
police to clear disabled protesters off its lawn.”

As it transpired, as evening fell arrests were threatened and police
refused to allow food or medication to be taken to the protesters, so
they were not evicted, they left of their own accord: to applause from
gathered onlookers.

The BMJ , The British Medical Journal reported this very week that :

” Almost all GP’s have seen their workload rise in the past year, as
the effects of welfare cuts have taken hold – saying people are
increasingly turning to them for help in appealing against
controversial health assesments which can see benefits cut or

” More than two-thirds of doctors, 68 per cent, warn that the health
of their patients is suffering as a result of austerity-driven reforms

Welfare Reform, and sanctions to benefits as well as inadequate wages
are also making people hungry as well as sick.

Soon people will not just be sick and hungry they will I believe
become increasingly angry .Angry about a situation that is not of
their making but one for which they are being made the victims of and

Not all ” Christians” hold with the Church of Englands response to the
disabled protestors outside Westminster Abbey in fact many were
completley appaled and shamed by the actions of the Dean of
Westminster, John Hall, who instead of meeting with the protesters, or
even giving a statement, cowered inside and allowed over 200 police
kettled the 60 or so protesters, which included many severely disabled
people who use the ILF themselves. Police refused to allow any food
or drink for those inside the Abbey grounds, and even prevented a
severely disabled person’s personal assistant from entering the

This is the second time the Church has failed utterly to rise to the
challenge of giving support to camapigners for social justice and use
it’s considerable voice to speak out for the poor & vulnerable in our

The first was their eventual refusal to throw open the doors of
St.Pauls Cathederal to the Occupy St.Paul’s protestors in London.Had
they done so many believe that they would not only be a much more
vibrant and inclusive church they’d be far more in tune with the
beliefs and values of Christianity.

Could I just take this opportunity to ask concerned Rochdale Observer
readers to email their MP about another current issue of major
concern that of Food Poverty.

As a member of Church Action on Poverty I have just emailed ours,
Labour MP Simon Danczuk, to call for urgent action about the
relentless rise of food poverty in the UK.

Over the past year, more and more people have become aware of the
soaring number of people in the UK forced to use food banks. But
during 2013-14, the number of meals given to people in food poverty
has risen by another 54 per cent – to over 20 million. In the world’s
seventh richest country, it’s scandalous that more and more families
struggle to put food on the table and people go hungry.

The Government has a responsibility to take action – and we must urge
them to do so.

This email action from Church Action on Poverty only takes a couple of
minutes, using the simple e-action at :



Andrew Wastling



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