Disabled people: a New Approach is essential

Disabled people: a New Approach is essential

‘Assessing the Assessors’ published by the Centre for Welfare Reform, (CWR) drew on the experiences of 884 people who had been through a Work Capability Assessment. They described how they had been treated through the assessment process and what impact it had on their lives.

95% found the assessment damaged their health, 29% severely.

95% gave the assessment a mark of 5 out 10 or less, 43% gave it the lowest possible mark.

80% of the time the respondent felt the assessor did not listen to them.

Even more disturbing are the personal comments:

“The process was terrifying, humiliating and degrading…”

“Tragically, my friend has committed suicide since losing her appeal.”

“It was the second worst experience of my life after my severe accident.”

The full report from the Centre for Welfare Reform can be read or downloaded for free at :

Please see independent left of centre Christian Think Tank Ekklesia web page for the original Article at :


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