UN POverty Ambassadors attack UK Government on Welfare Reform breaches UK Citizens ‘human rights’

The Daily Mail , [ not noted for it’s tolerance of Beneft Claimants] wa surprisingly on of the few British Newspapers to draw attention to a letter condemning IDS and the Coalition Governments Welfare Reform & Benefits cuts .

Bizarre even for the Daily Heil the article is titled : “ The Brazilian Nut strikes again : IDS anger as she attacks his benefit cuts “, Jason Groves, Deputy Political Editor, The Daily Mail , Saturday 5 June 2014 ,please see link at :


The UN Special Rapporteur Raquel Roinik also gave the Coalition Government a severe mauling over the Bedroom Tax last year in the report listed below :


Mike Silver has covered this in more depth on his blog at :

http://mikesivier.wordpress.com/ where he says today
[ 6 July 2014], that :

“ The news story is that a group of United Nations poverty ambassadors has written a 22-page letter pointing out that cuts to social security benefits introduced by Iain Duncan Smith and enforced by his Department for Work and Pensions on behalf of the Coalition government may constitute a breach of the UK’s international treaty obligations to the poor.

The letter is new but its factual information is not, having been confirmed by the Council of Europe.
The letter states: “The package of austerity measures enacted could amount to retrogressive measures prohibited under the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, ratified in 1974.”


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