REAG members continue to clean Rochdale canal


[ photo courtesy of Rochdale Environmental Action Group ]

Rochdale Online gave great coverage to Rochdale Environmental Action Groups continued clean up of Rochdale Canal that has continued apace over the past three weeks :

REAG members continue to clean canal , Rochdale Online:
7 July 2014

The Secretary, Rochdale Environmental Action Group has written to the River and Canal Trust and asked them to take immediate action to get the canal cleaned as soon as possible. He said:

“We appreciate that it is the River & Canal Trust, which has the responsibility for the canal, but there should be some co-ordinated work between the Environmental Management of Rochdale Council and the River and Canal Trust. The state in which the canal is at the moment cannot be left unattended and without taking action to clean it.

“Some parts of the canal are in bad condition and need immediate action, we should be asking the appropriate authorities to take action against those found responsible for throwing such things in the canal.

“We are also asking the people of the Borough of Rochdale to show respect to the canal, its water, birds that drink its water and the beautiful environment.”

Please see link at :

Please see link at :

Please contact REAG for more information of their weekly litter picks in Central Rochdale evry Saturday. Thank You.


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