Unite ~ the Community Union e|mail online action about pay


A number of Community Champions are members of Unite ~ the Community Union .I have just sent an email
to my councillor(s) calling on them to support local government workers getting a decent pay rise. It only took a minute or two using a model letter – please could I Community Champions who are members or supporters or who are concerned about decent wages for fellow
workers to take the time to do the same?

All you have to do is visit

http://www.unitetheunion.org/fairpay and put in
your postcode – easy as that.

The Text to the e|mail action reads as follows :

“Dear Councillor ,

I’m writing as a resident in your ward.

Local government is a low pay employer – despite the fact that employees deliver vital local services that people who live here depend on, services that make the area a more enjoyable and a nicer place to live and work in. Those on the lowest pay levels earn just
above the National Minimum Wage and more than 400,000 people earn below £15,000 a year. There have been four years of real pay cuts – people have lost 18% in real terms since 2010. When so many are
already low paid, these real pay cuts have made deep in roads to people’s standard of living. My union, Unite, has had reports from local government workers who can’t afford to make ends meet, who should be paying into a pension but can’t afford too, people who
haven’t been able to afford new shoes or go to the dentist. These are basics that people delivering local public services should be able to afford.

That’s why I am supporting local government workers who just want a decent pay rise and their claim for £1 more an hour, with no one paidless than the Living Wage. I hope you as my local Councillor will also
support them and make your voice heard. Tell the employers to make a decent pay offer and that government should properly fund Councils so they can pay decent wages to their staff, stop cutting and deliver
good quality local services.”

Interested readers can also sign the joint union online petition at :


Thank you


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