Lethal proposal for people with depression unable to work


Lethal proposal for people with depression unable to work

Think tank Ekklesia raises some serious issues for concern about yet another element of Welfare Reform which is ill thought out by people with little or no understanding of peoples individual circumstances :

Dr Sarah Wollaston is a former GP and chair of parliament’s health select committee condemned the proposal as “Unethical, unworkable nonsense”.

“If the scheme is pushed through, many people with clinical depression who fail to turn up to CBT sessions will be left without enough money for food or heating, which may also increase suicidal tendencies. There is also a risk that some will be declared ‘cured’ after a short course of treatment even if they are still too depressed to work.

This is especially cruel because being clinically depressed, even without added problems, can be a very unpleasant experience. And people who have suffered in other ways may be especially at risk, for instance those who have had a major bereavement or who have been sexually abused. “

Please see link at http://www.ekklesia.co.uk/node/20642
for the original article in today’s Ekklesia. Thank You

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