Sub-IT is a sub group of Rochdale’s Community Champions that aims to use IT to support the communication, activities and best practice of Community Champions across the borough.

This blog will primarily assist Community Champions by providing an online communications channel where good news stories, best practice, case studies, tips, advice, links, local opportunities and a host of other resources can be shared between Champions.

Who are Community Champions?

Community Champions are local people who have excellent people skills; they care about their local area and have a wealth of expertise that’s based on their life experience.  They are also trained and expert in using methods that help people move towards and achieve their goals.

Community Champions help others in the community by offering a wide range of friendly support at a time when they need it. Areas of support and signposting include advice, wellbeing, skills, employment, family matters and much more.

There are over 200 Community Champions registered across the Rochdale borough.

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