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I want with your help to help create a better and quality of life for the older people of our community. I recently attended a seminar in London given by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. What strikes me, the services in the capital of the country are far more superior to what’s available in the North. Money plays no part in the results! its the diversity of the community and the volunteers who make it work. Here in Rochdale we have a situation which I personally do not like. We have Rochdale Community Champions who will only integrate and volunteer within their own culture, For me that does not represent being a champion. Ethnicity, religion, and cultural differences should play no part in your role as a Community Champion. We have Champions who volunteer hoping by volunteering they will get a job or post within the RMBC? We also have Champions who will see it as an opportunity to get free highly regarded training courses then leave and open up their own trading or training establishment. Who can blame you?

If you really care about being a Champion and the spirit of being a Champion then lets get together to improve our older peoples lifestyle in the community

However my principles for Open Doors is simple:

  1. See and treat older people with high support needs as individuals and help them to do the things they want to do. example: Visiting family, storytelling, individuals often have some great fantastic stories and experiences to share.
  2. Build positive relationships with the people you work with. The experience and satisfaction from this is unimaginable. 
  3. Look for the strengths and assets each person has and support them to play an active role in the development and provision of services. Example ask what they want?
  4. Be open to doing things in new ways. Your way might not be the best way?

 See the Video

What is the video about?

The video shows older people with high support needs who live in the community. They talk about what is important in their lives and how they like to be treated.
It is based around the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s A Better Life programme The Foundation identified seven key challenges to be addressed for older people with high support needs to achieve a better quality of life:

  1. Old age is not about ‘them’: it is about all of us
  2. Older people are individuals and they are, as a group, becoming more diverse
  3. Relationships matter to us whatever our age; we have a fundamental human need to connect with others meaningfully
  4. Older people with high support needs have many assets, strengths and resources that they can also bring to the development and provision of services
  5. Whatever our age or support needs, we should all be treated as citizens: equal stakeholders with both rights and responsibilities
  6. The individual and collective voices of older people with high support needs should be heard and given power
  7. We need both to innovate and improve existing models

Social care has a key role to play in meeting these challenges.

A high support need is where person has one or more health conditions or disabilities and they need support from health and/or social care services to live their  lives as they want to

If you are open to progressing this further then please email me at for future planning.

Thanks and best regards 



The Quality of Life Standards and Toolkit has been produced by Changing Our Lives.

They write:

The Quality of Life standards aim to raise people’s expectations about what a good quality of life really means. 

The standards have been written by over 650 children, young people and adults with learning disabilities and autism. 

We have also written these standards in partnership with our peers with physical disabilities and mental health difficulties to make sure these standards work for everyone’s life.

The standards are based on people with disabilities being seen and respected as equal citizens in society.





I all, since sounding out one or two people regarding a Community Champions Choir, I think the time as come to ACT!

Aside from singing in the shower, not many of us get the chance to sing in a group etc, choral groups offer abundant performance opportunities for the amateur vocalist. Its great fun, Relaxing and more importantly creates friendships with others who like singing.

It’s not about competitiveness its about making yourself and others listen to your wonderful melodiousness tones and making the audience smile.

Before you say you cant sing, you can! If you sing in the bath, good. With the right choirmaster in place we can be as good as the Army Wives!!. Although I can’t promise Gareth Malone I will try to find the next best thing, but before doing so we need a choir,

As soon as we get enough people interested. a meeting will be arranged for taking the choir forward.

A bunch of ordinary people entertaining brilliant 

You will get a lot out of the out of the experience:

Asinging_choirPLEASE PLEASE SIGN UP CHRISTMAS NOT FAR AWAY! Those interested could contact myself, or




Here is food for Thought…

Believe it or not in order to cut unnecessary spending it is proposed that free meals for schoolchildren of low income families will be axed in the forthcoming cuts. What have these children done to deserve these cuts, nothing other than the class they were born into? Yet the Government intends to punish them by taking away what is for some the only meal or only hot dinner they have each day.

Last year the Lords and your MPs spent £1.5 billion on their own free dinners which are funded by you – the tax payer, (otherwise known as Free Meals for the Rich!) So you may not be in a position to pay for your own child to have a hot meal each day, but fear not because you will be safe in the knowledge you are paying for a Lord or an MP to enjoy a luxurious lunch.
I dare you all to ask your MPs and Lords to cease their expense claims for free meals and for them all to insist that the annual “MPs and Lords dinner money budget in the UK” is handed over to feed these needy school children instead. It is not as if the Lords and MPs cannot afford to purchase their own lunch, is it?

Picture in your mind the child sat in a classroom, confused and unable to concentrate properly simply because the lunch that child used to rely on is no longer available. Contrast that with the Lords and MPs sat at a table in a five star hotel or restaurant, spending on average £100 per person per sitting. In the right hands, that £100 can feed 40 hungry children in our schools instead. Question, do you feed one adult or 40 children for the same sum of money?

Feed one adult or feed 40 children … please support us – Vote “Feed the Children” – they have committed no crime, please not let’s not make them pay


Events Diary

Hi all
Anyone interesting in attending please sign up. I have room for 4 in my car if you are stuck for transport.


Event: Conference: How Corrupt is Britain? conference
Date: 10 May 2013. 9.30am to 5pm
Organised by: The conference has been organised jointly by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies and the University of Liverpool School of Law and Social Justice.
Location: University of Liverpool
Contact: `How Corrupt is Britain?’ is a one day conference which will bring together campaigners, academics, key public figures and journalists to explore how we should tackle the corruption of public life in Britain. There will be an evening showing of the film `Who Polices the Police?’ by Ken Fero.

To find out more about the conference. click here.

To register for the conference please go here.

Welfare Reform The Hidden Agenda by Mo Stewart

This ‘non-medical assessment’ was introduced in 2008 by the Labour government, and was identified as a ‘medical examination’ to be used to identify genuine claimants for long term sickness and disability benefit. However, what was unknown at the time was the fact that the WCA was a continuation of the planned agenda of the previous Thatcher government, whose ultimate goal was the destruction of the Welfare State.(1)

The WCA was promoted as a ‘fitness for work’ assessment for claimants of what was once known as Incapacity Benefit, now re-named as the Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

In reality, in order to reduce the welfare budget, the WCA was designed to resist as many sickness benefit claims as possible regardless of confirmed and identified permanent illness or disability. By 2010 the planned DWP welfare budget reduction was deemed to be too slow. The new Coalition Government enhanced the WCA and, following the previous Labour Government’s lead, it became much more difficult to qualify for the ESA(2) as the WCA totally disregarded diagnosis, prognosis or limited life expectancy.

Aided and abetted by the national press, using insidious press headlines to manipulate public opinion(3)(3b), the Coalition Government successfully introduced tyranny, fear and despair to the nation’s most vulnerable people, using a disability assessment model as designed in consultation with Unum [Provident] Insurance; one of the most discredited corporate insurance giants in the world.(4)(4b) At the same time, reported disability hate crimes in the United Kingdom(UK) were rising to record levels.(5)

The full and final draft of the paper can be seen at the following link.

THE HIDDEN AGENDA-a-research-summary-March-2013-FINAL by Mo Stewart University of Leeds Centre for Disability Studies


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