Lethal proposal for people with depression unable to work

Think tank Ekklesia raises some serious issues for concern about yet another element of Welfare Reform which is ill thought out by people with little or no understanding of peoples individual circumstances :

Dr Sarah Wollaston is a former GP and chair of parliament’s health select committee condemned the proposal as “Unethical, unworkable nonsense”.

“If the scheme is pushed through, many people with clinical depression who fail to turn up to CBT sessions will be left without enough money for food or heating, which may also increase suicidal tendencies. There is also a risk that some will be declared ‘cured’ after a short course of treatment even if they are still too depressed to work.

This is especially cruel because being clinically depressed, even without added problems, can be a very unpleasant experience. And people who have suffered in other ways may be especially at risk, for instance those who have had a major bereavement or who have been sexually abused. “

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[photographs Courtesy of Rochdale Environmental Action Group ]

“ Love Rochdale ~ Hate Litter “, proclaims Rochdale Online this weekends as Rochdale Environmental Action volunteers take to the streets of Deeplish, Rochdale.

“We were impressed with the response we received from from the residents. Men, women, children came out and offered their help. We need more and more people with the same passion for the Borough of Rochdale.”

Said REAG Secretary Ghulam Shahzad OBE .

People sharing the groups passion for a cleaner greener environment can join the group for their weekly Saturday Morning Litter Picks at 10.00am. Thank you .

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Rochdale Online article from today showing pickets outside No.1 Riverside earlier.

Rochdale Town Hall was shut all day with pickets outside from early this morning:


Here’s the link to a letter about Unites online e|action to lobby Rochdale Councillors about Fair Pay , please share, cascade and take part in this action if you have not already done so thanks :


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George Orwell once famously described the Church of England as “ The Tory Party at Prayer”

Less than two weeks after evicting disabled protesters against the closure of the Independent Living Fund on wonders if he wasn’t right and which version of Christianity they now actually represent ?

Ekklesia report today that :

“Westminster Abbey has again drawn criticism over its treatment of peaceful protesters. The Abbey’s staff threatened to evict Christian peace activists who were singing hymns outside a nearby arms industry conference while standing on the Abbey’s land “.

“The incident comes less than two weeks after Westminster Abbey staff called the police to evict non~violent disabled campaigners who had tried to camp outside the building while protesting against the closure of the Independent Living Fund “.

“When Christian activist Symon Hill asked if the Abbey was built on the foundation of Jesus Christ, she said “I work for the Dean and Chapter” and “I don’t know what the church is built on”.

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The Quality of Life Standards and Toolkit has been produced by Changing Our Lives.

They write:

The Quality of Life standards aim to raise people’s expectations about what a good quality of life really means. 

The standards have been written by over 650 children, young people and adults with learning disabilities and autism. 

We have also written these standards in partnership with our peers with physical disabilities and mental health difficulties to make sure these standards work for everyone’s life.

The standards are based on people with disabilities being seen and respected as equal citizens in society.


download http://www.scribd.com/doc/230935409/Quality-of-Life-Standards-and-Toolkit



The assessment of disabled people for the Employment Support Allowance has been a national scandal. Much of the focus has been on the private healthcare firm, Atos, who have administered the DWP’s assessment. But the real problem is the culture of contempt which is at the very heart of the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) itself.

This report is based on 884 respondents to an online questionnaire which asked people who were sick or disabled to assess the assessors – to describe how they were treated in the assessment process and what impact the assessment had on their lives.

The statistics are bleak, for instance:

  • 95% found the assessment damaged their health, 29% severely
  • 95% gave the assessment a mark of 5 out 10 or less, 43% gave it the lowest possible mark
  • 80% of the time the respondent felt the assessor did not listen to them

Even more bleak are the moving stories and comments left by the respondents, for example:

  • “The process was terrifying, humiliating and degrading…”
  • “Tragically, my friend has committed suicide since losing her appeal.”
  • “It was the second worst experience of my life after my severe accident.”

This report was developed independently, with no funding or subsidy, but with support from Mark Thomas and the team of disabled people who are now established as New Approach and who will setting out alternatives to the WCA over the coming months.

The data used in this report is also available online at:http://bit.ly/wcasurveydata

The Report visit http://www.scribd.com/doc/232424229/Assessing-the-Assessors


The publisher is The Centre for Welfare Reform in association with New Approach and the Campaign for a Fair Society.

Assessing the Assessors © Rick Burgess, Simon Duffy, Nick Dilworth, Jane Bence, Wayne Blackburn and Mark Thomas 2014.