Debs Drew

Hi, my name is Debs Drew and I work for Groundwork Oldham & Rochdale on the Community Hubs project. My role is to work closely with the Community Champions to look at how we can use digital technology in innovative ways to support the work that Community Champions do. I am a member of the Sub-IT group and keen to help improve communications across the Champions network. I am resident of Heywood, I like walking my dog at local nature sites and dislike rudeness and bad manners.


Helen Smith

Hi, my name is Helen Smith (fredsmum). I am an extremely busy mother of two. I live with my husband, son and two cats in Rochdale, which I love. My lovely daughter now lives in Burnley.

I am working towards a degree in Combined Social Sciences with the OU. I am a community champion focusing mainly on Literacy, a parent governor and I attend advisory board meetings at childrens centres.


Andrew Wastling
Hi, my name is Andrew and I’m a volunteer with Rochdale Community Champions.

I’m a member of the Sub-IT group because I really believe that new technology & the world-wide web has endless possibilities to bring people together in a positive way.

I live in Rochdale. I like jazz blues ,chess & reading . I love the history & amazing old buildings in Rochdale, but also like escaping to the hills around Rochdale especially the Rochdale Canal between Hollingworth Lake and Hebden Bridge.


Gaynor Clarkson
Hi, my name is Gaynor Clarkson and I work for Rochdale MBC Libraries. My role is ICT Volunteer Support Worker which, translated into English, means that I support volunteers who are trying to help residents of Rochdale use technology to improve their lives.

I live in Radcliffe and like Morrissey and eating!!

  1. multymouth said:

    will be in soon bout nine

  2. andrewwastling said:

    Hi All

    Just finished this mornings reading session with one of our students in the Wheatsheaf library. We worked through a few pages of Bernard Cornwell Sharpe’s War Waterloo, and ended with 15 mins on the Quick Surf Library computers trying out some IT skills for beginers .

    Homework for both of us is to watch at least one episode of Sharpe with the sub titles on and to try and work out how to pronounce some of the names of the battles in Spain & France.

    A big thanks to Helen [ Smith ] who has very kindly done us copies of the photos taken of us constructing Tower Bridge [ out of a kit! ] during during recent Community Champions Team Leader Traing held at Bailie Street. Hopefully they will be appearing on here soon.

    Helen is busy herself with a student at the library right now so a busy day for most of us today with plenty on out & about the Borough … thanks again Helen !

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