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Today spent at Heywood Indoor Market, so depressing, I was thinking of calling the Samaritans!
but instead called Simon!

Joking apart it was a good festival for the public, but poor for recruiting new champions, Simon spent a lot of time going from venue to venue, some champions did not turn up as they promised.
Consequently this left a lot of work for those who did turn up, for me personally has a new champion it was disappointing I was unable to help with tables etc, due to my physical disposition, particularly in few of the help needed by Simon, Andrew did  his bit and later Ronnie turned up to help out?

In the morning time me and Andrew manned the Champions Table, but it drew very little interest,people thought we were trying to sell something, I think we need flag type posters or roller banners to advertise who we are and not the A4 posters stuck on a display board. Which are difficult to see.

For me I left at 2 p.m., leaving Simon, Andrew and Ronnie to do all the physical work. I have no doubt the guys were exhausted when they finished. This was my first time involved in workload like this
and it was personally disappointing for me not being able to be physically involved, but disappointing because Champions who promised to turn up did not, and the planning of events was higgly piggly, Which had nothing to do with the champions.

Would I do it again? Only if better planning was involved, and we were in the middle of the action and not on the periphery, the positive side! Carrie turned up to Support along with her daughter Megan, made a couple of new friends (pensioners in their 80’s) they talked about cost of living and how everything is so expensive. I did say food prices, were going up and down like a new brides nightie on her wedding night, and for some reason they never stopped laughing and I had a great problem moving them on from the table! Thank god Carrie and Megan turned up and saved me.

In closing I think I would say the traders of Heywood Market really do struggle to get customers through the door, and the ones that do come are the same old regulars in their twilight years.
how traders survive I don’t know but if they are to survive then they need to be supported by the local community. Most of all we must thank Simon,Andrew and Ronnie for their contribution to making Heywood Christmas Festival successful. Although I would doubt anyone else noticed.